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Chris looks back onto 25 years of counseling. His coaching work helps clients to enhance their communication-skills in conflict situations – in job-environments between employee and employer, in families between children and parents as well as in relationships between partners. It is mainly influenced by behaviour sciences, transactional analysis and mindfulness meditation. During his time at the university of Munich (1980-1987) as a student of human medicine he received a research grant from the Max-Planck-Institute of behavioural physiology. He spent his postdoctoral years at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique in Paris and Rennes as well as at the University of California in Davis and Berkeley. During the following 23 years of clinical work as a general practitioneer at Europe’s biggest hospital, the Klinikum Nürnberg, he received intensive trainings in transactional analysis. He is the founder of a non profit organisation for children with life-threatening connective tissue disorders. In the last years he intensified his meditation practice during retreats at the Phuket-Meditation-Center. The mixture of scientific work, behavioural studies, transactional analysis and mindfulness meditation makes his counseling practice very rewarding for those who want to make a change in their lifes.

Mr. Christian Warzinek,
Counselor and Lifecoach



Awareness-based techniques are central to my approach. At the heart of any transformative communication lies the skill of listening.

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The art of skillful conversation gives us the chance to tap into deep layers of our personality. This helps with creating clarity and release from old patterns.  

"My life took a huge turn about 25 years ago when I first got in touch with transactional analysis. Up to this point I had no idea just how life-changing it can be to talk with someone who listens to you on a deep level. I am deeply grateful to have made such an experience and I am committed to passing it on to those who are looking for support when their life is at similar turning points concerning relationships, jobs or health."

"If you would like to succeed in connecting to yourself and others there is no way around learning the art of communication properly."


With our sessions you will find inner peace and more confidence. These qualities arise from a sense of fully being at peace with yourself.

"When you talk with somebody, you are talking with an aspect of yourself. Everyone has something to show you about your inner world. It takes open eyes and ears but most importantly an open heart to be able to learn and grow from interactions with others. The wholesome power of mindful communication is what I am truly passionate about."


Good communication is the key to understand yourself and change your life. 


My Rates

Single counseling Session:
45 Minutes: 2000 THB
90 Minutes: 3500 THB

Single counseling Session for couples:

45 Minutes: 3000 THB
90 Minutes: 4500 THB

Promotions for regular sessions:
3 x 45 Minutes: 5000 THB
3 x 90 Minutes: 9000 THB

Promotions for couples sessions:
3 x 45 Minutes: 8000 THB

3 x 90 Minutes: 12000 THB